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About Urge Pyrenees Gravity

The Pyrenees have become in recent years one of the cradles of enduro mountain biking in France. In this mountain a new generation of riders was born and raised! Now they are old enough to participate in the most important races. A Team was created in 2020 to allow them to reach the highest level. More than a team, it's a family because all are local riders. The team also works with their school to allow them to train as well as possible and to make them the future players in mountain biking in the Pyrenees! In 2020, the team ranked 5th in France on the general enduro team ranking. For 2021, a new step has been taken by becoming an EWS Development Team to participate in all EWS rounds in Europe with our 5 best riders. The adventure goes on. Thanks to all of our sponsors. See you in 2021!

Series Results

Axel FRESQUETFestival Zona Zero Sobrarbe 16 02:12.720 80
Axel FRESQUETBlack Hole Enduro Petzen/Jamnica DNF 0
Axel FRESQUETBluegrass FinalEnduro powered by SRAM 24 01:28.620 30
Axel FRESQUETEWS Montagnes du Caroux 2018 21 +00:06:05.01 45
Axel FRESQUETGIANT Toa Enduro presented by CamelBak 66 +00:02:45.75 33
Axel FRESQUETEWS Shimano Enduro Tasmania 88 +00:07:49.99 11
Axel FRESQUETEWS powered by Freeride Madeira 71 +00:04:12.46 28
Axel FRESQUETEWS Les Orres Coupe du Monde 58 +00:02:46.20 41
Axel FRESQUETMET Val Di Fassa EWS 2019 51 +00:02:42.84 48
Justine HenryEnduro MTB French Cup Val d'Allos (France) 4 15
Axel FRESQUETSpecialized EWS Zermatt 91 +00:09:10.88 8
Justin LinonPYRENEES BIKE FESTIVAL, French Enduro National Championship 78 0
Axel FRESQUETBluegrass EWS Finale Ligure 83 +00:02:28.56 16