Main team sponsors: Specialized

About Specialized Racing Team

We’re elevating the next generation of great riders and heroes, and that means supporting a number of young riders, some of whom haven’t raced for a “factory team” before. Each rider on our roster, however, has the potential to shake things up on the world stage—and that’s what we aim to do. Every member of the Enduro team is an up and comer. If packing your team with young privateers sounds risky to some, well, maybe it is. Then again, look a bit deeper and the raw talent here is undeniable. All three racers have made their mark already, entirely on their own drive and initiative. Now they get a chance to show what they can do with full factory support behind them. It’s going to be good.

Series Results

Francescu CAMOINFestival Zona Zero Sobrarbe 14 01:35.950 100
Maxime CHAPUISFestival Zona Zero Sobrarbe 19 02:31.390 250
Killian CALLAGHANFestival Zona Zero Sobrarbe 81 05:17.350 18
Jared GRAVESCamelBak Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized 7 01:31.540 370
Maxime CHAPUISCamelBak Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized 37 03:11.980 110
Jared GRAVESLa Thuile Enduro World Series 92 08:15.740 7
Maxime CHAPUISLa Thuile Enduro World Series 33 03:43.190 130
Killian CALLAGHANLa Thuile Enduro World Series DNF 0
Jared GRAVESBlack Hole Enduro Petzen/Jamnica 159 18:54.160 0
Killian CALLAGHANBlack Hole Enduro Petzen/Jamnica 17 03:10.370 270
Maxime CHAPUISBlack Hole Enduro Petzen/Jamnica 39 04:39.790 100
Maxime CHAPUISEWS - Alcaldia de Manizales - Mas oportunidades 33 03:11.270 130
Jared GRAVESEWS - Alcaldia de Manizales - Mas oportunidades DNF 0
Jared GRAVESLo Barnechea Montenbaik Enduro DNF 0
Maxime CHAPUISLo Barnechea Montenbaik Enduro 28 03:44.840 160
Killian CALLAGHANBluegrass FinalEnduro powered by SRAM 67 02:06.870 32
Maxime CHAPUISBluegrass FinalEnduro powered by SRAM 32 01:26.920 135
Francescu CAMOINBluegrass FinalEnduro powered by SRAM 18 01:16.880 60
Jared GRAVESEWS Montagnes du Caroux 30 +00:03:27.12 145
Maxime CHAPUISEWS Montagnes du Caroux 53 +00:04:51.71 46
Maxime CHAPUISGIANT Toa Enduro presented by CamelBak 0 01:28.220 0
Killian CALLAGHANGIANT Toa Enduro presented by CamelBak 0 02:14.310 0