CANCELLED Marin Wildside Enduro Mont Lac-Vert (CAN)

19 September 2021

Event cancelled due to Covid

Mont Lac-Vert have had a few XC and DH events in the past, but they are fairly new to enduro. They approached us a few years ago and asked what they would need to do to hold one of our events, we sat down and made a plan with them. In only one year they delivered the first trails and after 2 years they were the favorite venue among our ever growing rider base. The terrain is challenging and a lot a fun to ride. All we can say is that they have delivered and they keep pushing the development to surprise us every year! 

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The CANCELLED Marin Wildside Enduro Mont Lac-Vert (CAN) race event has its own website please click on the button below to visit the event website

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Race Director Andre Lecompte
In 2019 EWS introduced a Event Grading system to classify event race routes, for more information about Event Grading System