CANCELLED Grand Himalayan Enduro (NEP)

09 October 2021

Cancelled due to COVID19

The Grand Himalayan Enduro (GHenduro) is looking to develop Enduro mountain biking as a mainstream sport and to promote Asia as an Enduro destination to the world. GHenduro marries rich cultural heritage, natural grandeur, and some of the sickest trails like nowhere else. It is as much about enjoying the moment as it is about ripping the gnarly trails; about building camaraderie with other riders as it is about standing on the podium. We understand that the competitive phase sometimes outshines the fraternity of the community which so beautifully comes together. However, it is also about those little moments when you dust off dirt from your jersey and pick yourself up, or when you share your epic moments from the trails with another rider, or when you just do nothing and take in a deep breath all alone in a corner. The trails are steep, the days are tough, and the moments will be unforgettable. The party is about to start in the Himalayas; so don’t be the one to miss out!

Entry information of event: USD100 (more info on the website)

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The CANCELLED Grand Himalayan Enduro (NEP) race event has its own website please click on the button below to visit the event website

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