Vittoria EWS Pietra Ligure

20 September 2020


Pietra Ligure hugs the azure blue waters of Ligurian sea just along the coast from Finale Ligure and boasts one of Italy’s most stunning trail networks. In a bold and exciting move Pietra Ligure will offer the pro racers of the Enduro World Series a chance to go bar-to-bar on a completely new set of stages. Finale Outdoor Region continues to break new boundaries and make enduro history!!

The  September 20 EWS Pietra race has prequalification requirements – entry will only be available for riders on official EWS teams or with the necessary minimum total of EWS Global Ranking points. 
Riders without ranking can sign up for the Saturday September 26 Rider Trophy (Team and Solo categories) which do not have any prequalification requirements.

Please enter the rider password to access this restricted area of the event