Levi Midnight Enduro

27 July 2019

Levi Midnight Enduro is the most Northern Enduro race in the world. Levi offers you an insight to a Lapland landscape far above the arctic circle located at a latitude of 67.8 degrees north. First stages of the race will be run late at Friday night. The sun is up, no need for head lights!

The one and half days of racing will include about 2500m of on stage descending. Race course consist of mostly natural terrain, hiking trails, grassy ski slopes, and sections from Levi bike park. The terrain on stages will be very varied and by the nature of local soil, there will be plenty of rocks. On transition stages we will use both pedal power and gondola ski lift depending on which stage we are heading to.

The race is easy to access even from abroad, Kittilä airport is only 14km from the venue. At Levi resort, all you need is within walking distance, there is no need for rental car during your stay.

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The Levi Midnight Enduro race event has its own website please click on the button below to visit the event website

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Race Director Sauli Hjerppe