Montenbaik Enduro Series by Banco Bice

15 December 2019

Ninhue is a place that presents spectacular trails developed by a blooming mountain bike community. 400 km south of Santiago, the place has hosted the final round of the national enduro championship in 2016 and 2017. The locals have been working in the last years to create a new destination for mtb riders with a carefully crafted trail system in the hill right in the center of the town.

We will have 4 stages that will add up to more than 23 minutes of timed race.
Each trail brings something different. A spot for all tastes, without neglecting that the trails are best known in Chile for being technically demanding. The upper part is characterized by its native forest, with a loose grip of leafy terrain, where it brings out the technical skills of a gentle and careful handling. The lower part finishes with rough terrain and natural switchbacks. 

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