The Yeti Shimano EP Racing Development Story

06 October 2022

In 2016 SHIMANO launched its first E-MTB platform that was designed with the simple goal of delivering a natural mountain bike ride quality while giving riders an extra boost.

 It didn’t take long before interest in racing E-bikes made its way to the racing world. Dawning the new era of E-MTB racing, the Enduro World Series began with a test event that lead to its first official E-Mtb series officially launched in 2021. The EWS-E has since become the main stage for global E-MTB racing with unique formats that challenge rider and bike in the world’s most difficult terrain.

SHIMANO’s 100-year heritage is rich in racing development working with some of the world’s best riders who have helped develop and shape industry leading products that we use today. SHIMANO is now focused on a new challenge; crafting the world’s best E-MTB system to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

The unique landscape of E-MTB racing requires a close relationship with the frame manufacturer and Shimano’s development team. YETI Cycles’ long history of being a race-bred brand along with their recent release of the new 160E made them a natural choice. Both companies value the knowledge gained from the successes and failures of top level of racing, and together, YETI cycles and SHIMANO have joined forces to develop the best possible E Mountain Bikes.

The newly formed YETI/Shimano EP Racing Team is comprised of two very talented riders, “sick” Mick Hannah who has years of experience racing on the World Cup DH circuit, and Keegan Wright, who is young and hungry and who already has an EWS event win under his belt. Both riders will play critical roles in the development process.

Follow along on the team’s journey with the highs and lows of the development process and unfiltered behind the scenes footage in our bid for that elusive top step of the podium. Our series will be released next summer leading up to the first round of the 2023 EWS-E season.