Stars of UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Cross Country line up for Industry Trophy

30 September 2022

Some of the biggest names in World Cup Cross-Country will be taking to the start line at tomorrow’s Industry Trophy in Finale in the form of the Met Helmets Team. We caught up with them ahead of Saturday’s race to see how they were feeling ahead of their EWS debut. 

Martina Berta is looking forward to her EWS debut

Martina Berta said:  "I really like the atmosphere and the way we approach enduro, it's such a nice way to enjoy the bike at the end of the season. I just want to enjoy riding the bike, and trying to have a good experience at home. I think enduro is also useful for us cross country riders. I didn’t race enduro recently, but I did a bit with my brother in the past years. I went one time on the Finale trails in 2019 with the cross country bike. The racing format is far away from what we're used to. I'm really curious to see how we'll figure it out. In the end I think we all want to enjoy riding together!"

Luca Braidot is just concentraing on having fun

Luca Braidot plans to just enjoy the race, he said: “I’ve chosen to race the Bluegrass Trophy of Nations because ‘ve enjoyed enduro for a long time. My main goal is to have a lot of fun! I already did some enduro in the past, but it’s the first time for me in Finale. I don’t really know what to expect from the race, but it seems something really cool to me.” 

Maxime Marotte

Maxime Marrotte added: “I got the opportunity to race at the Trophy of Nation through my team and MET. It's a bit of late call, but I am always up for a good time! Honestly I didn't prepare anything, I have only one day on that bike before. So It's all about good fun and discovering a new format. I never raced enduro! 

“It’s my first time on Finale’s trails and first time racing enduro. For sure I ride enduro bikes sometimes, but it's always around my place and not too much. I know my teammates perfectly, so even if it's the first time for us, everything will come easily. We know how to work together and we have no pressure. I’m looking forward to it!"

MET Helmets said:  “As title sponsor of the Trophy of Nation with our brand Bluegrass, we really want to put the emphasis on how great it is to race enduro, and especially here in Finale. That’s why we have proposed to our XC racers from the Santa Cruz FSA team to race this weekend. Straight away Martina, Luca and Max said yes! 

“We are so pleased to have them racing in enduro while sharing good times all together on the bike thanks to the format of the Bluegrass Trophy of Nations. Enduro is all about the experience and that’s what they are looking for - for most of them it’s their first race ever in enduro! Stay tuned and follow their race on our social networks.”