Video: EWS Petzen Jamnica Shakedown Raw

15 June 2022

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Here we go… who is ready for round two of the 2022 Enduro World Series?! For EWS Petzen Jamnica conditions are extremely different to those found in at round one in Scotland. Yes, there are plenty of trees and many of the stages are often a carpet of chunky roots but in Austria and Slovenia, those roots are peppered with huge chunks of limestone. The feel is very much ‘old school’ EWS - big course, long stages and nowhere for tyres and rims to hide!

Shakedown is a trail marked out by the local organiser as giving a good feel for what the pro’s may be in for without it being in the race itself. They can do as many runs as they want, work on their set up and get settled in before a long week of racing.