How to enter the EWS100 & EWS80

17 February 2022


Event entry for the 2022 EWS opens from Monday, February 21 and places are going to sell fast - want to make sure you get a spot? Then read on to discover everything you need to know about the EWS100 and EWS80 races and how you can be on the start line this season. 

What is the EWS100?

The EWS100 lets you race the exact same course as the EWS pros, but with no prequalification requirements, anyone is welcome to enter and see how their times stack up against the world’s best. However, whilst the course may be the same, the rules are not. Instead of the strict seeding criteria the pros are bound by, EWS100 riders can self seed and so if you want to spend the day racing with your mates, it’s not a problem. The liaisons between stages are also a bit more relaxed, meaning although it’s a massive day out, you don’t need pro level fitness to make it round. 

What about the EWS80?

The EWS80 is also open to everyone and takes in some, but not all, of the same stages as the pro race. For younger riders or those new to enduro racing, the EWS80 offers a chance to enjoy some challenging race stages, but over a shorter distance so you’re not committing to such a huge day in the saddle. The EWS80 also features more relaxed liaison times, less stringent rules around equipment and is open to riders from the year of their 13th birthday onwards. 

Which rounds feature EWS100 & EWS80 races? 

If you’re planning to race the EWS100 then you’re in luck - because every stop on the 2022 calendar features an EWS100 race. The EWS80 races are available at all EWS rounds with the exception of Val Di Fassa and Petzen Jamnica.

How do I enter?

Once you’ve decided which race is right for you, make sure you understand how entry works. Spots sell out fast, often in just a few minutes, so please read the following information very carefully.  

Both the EWS100 and EWS80 races open for entry at the same time, and the events will open one venue at a time on a rolling day by day basis. Round one, the Tweed Valley in Scotland, opens for entry at 20:00 GMT on Monday, February 21 and then one day per round after that -  you can find all the event entry dates here. Entry takes place on the EWS website and we recommend being on there at least 10 minutes before your chosen race entry goes live. 

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