Jack Moir Interview - the 2021 EWS Series Champion reflects on his year of racing

12 January 2022

Jack Moir’s 2021 EWS campaign was nothing short of legendary. We caught up with the reigning Series Champion to reflect on his year, the highs and lows and his plans coming into the 2022 race season. Here’s what the Canyon Collective rider had to say:

EWS: What were your goals coming into the first race of the year in Val Di Fassa? Was the 2021 overall win on your mind at that point?

Jack: I just wanted to continue where I left off in 2020, and that was to be a consistent podium rider. I always liked to think I had a shot at it but it wasn’t as real until I had finished that first round.

Jack made his intentions clear from the very beginning. After missing out on the win by the skin of his teeth at round one of the year, he quickly went one better and took the top step at round two. 

EWS: From the very first race, it was clear to see that the battle between Richie and you was going to make for an insanely exciting season. How did it feel to be locked in battle with a rider like Richie on almost every stage of the year?

Jack: Yeah, after that first race I knew we were in for a long season haha. It was pretty full-on for us but made for some good spectating. Pretty stressful going into every race knowing that I had to ride my best and make no mistakes as Richie was right there every stage.

Jack’s battle with rival Richie Rude (Yeti / FOX Factory team) made for some of the tightest racing we’ve ever seen. 

EWS: You’ve said before that the format of enduro racing suits you. Can you explain what you mean by that? Is it the riding style, the mental approach or something else entirely?

Jack: It’s a combination of everything. I think I’m a better endurance athlete - I’m better at long distance rather than explosive sprint type stuff. The length of the stages is good for me. The big days are good for me, and I love the raw, natural, techy trails that we race on at the EWS.

Technical, natural and raw - Jack clearly loves the format of enduro racing. 

EWS: How did you approach race day at EWS Crans-Montana after the shoulder injury? You mentioned that you weren’t sure about racing on Sunday - what flipped your mindset and how did you push on despite the injury?

Jack: Yeah I honestly didn’t even know if I was going to race so it was a pretty easy game plan… Just try to ride a stage and see if I can hang on haha. I was sitting in 37th after that Pro Stage, so I really didn’t think it would be worth it to try to ride hard with a dislocated shoulder to claw my way back into a good position. But I also knew that if I wanted to have any chance at the overall I couldn’t sit the race out, so I had no choice but to try.

Despite dislocating his shoulder in the Pro Stage at EWS Crans-Montana, Jack clawed his way back to finish tenth, earning crucial championship points in the process.

EWS: Is there any stage or venue that particularly stands out to you when looking back on the 2021 season? Which race are you proudest of?

JackThree races stand out the most:

  • Practising in La Thuile after vomiting from food poisoning all night without any sleep, and then racing the next day without any energy was super tough.
  • Racing Crans-Montana the day after dislocating my shoulder, starting the day in 37th and getting back into the top ten.
  • Racing Finale the week after dislocating my shoulder while also having to fix my wheel and nurse it down the last two stages and still taking the win. I still can’t believe that one haha.

Bluegrass EWS Finale was to be another demanding race. Jack put down an incredible ride, winning the race in front of a strong crowd of Aussie fans.

EWS: What does a normal off-season look like for you? In previous years, you’ve mentioned the importance of doing the things you love, like surfing. Are you switching up your training plan for next season or sticking with whatever feels best?

Jack: Yeah, I like to come home and chill, spend a lot of time at the beach and hanging with friends, maybe get some work done on the house. This off-season I have had to rehab from a shoulder reconstruction, so no surfing which sucks but was still good to have a break from riding.

Cooling down after a big day in the Ligurian hills.

EWS: And finally, how does it feel to be the EWS overall Series Champion? Are you planning to go for back-to-back titles next season?

Jack: It’s just cool to know I’ve accomplished a lifelong goal after a load of setbacks! No promises, ya know I’m gonna have a red hot crack though!

“No promises, ya know I’m gonna have a red hot crack though!” - we can’t wait to see what Jack does between the tapes this year.