Photostory - exploring autumnal trails with our EWS Travel partner, H+I Adventures.

31 December 2021

Earlier this year, at the start of November, we rounded up our team and hit the road, heading north from our base in the Scottish Borders to the home of our EWS Travel partners, H+I Adventures. 

Based in the Northeast of Scotland, just outside of Inverness, the H+I team are no strangers to having amazing riding on their doorstep. We were eager to get out and explore their beautiful, autumnal home trails. 

After a quick lunch and catch-up chat, it was time to ride.

All geared up and ready to go, energy was high despite the damp weather.

Up, up and away… The climb was efficient, and we were quickly rewarded with views back over the Beauly Firth. 

Once in the forest, the beautiful autumnal colours really came into their own. 

A quick stop to hydrate and we were ready for our first descent of the day. 

The trails were welcoming, if somewhat damp… Here’s Euan Wilson, the co-founder of H+I, roosting some typical Scottish dust.

The trails here in Inverness are amazing. Varied, natural and fun, there’s something here for everyone. 

Ruaridh and Ric, winching their Santa Cruz Megatowers back up for another lap.

The rest of the squad were close behind.

Chris, often referred to as ‘The Bear’, is H+I’s in-house guide. He knows this part of Scotland like the back of his hand and it shows. 

Smiles all round.

The early winter sunset cut our ride short, but we were full of stoke for the next day.

We were back out bright and early the next morning, wanting to cram in as much riding as possible before hitting the road home. 

Slippery natural tech was the order of the day. No worries for Ru and Chris. 

EWS TV and Podcast presenter, media man and lover of Scottish tech, Ric Mclaughlin was in his element. 

Vittoria - our rubber of choice for Scottish slop. 

A quick rinse off at H+I headquarters and then we were off. 

Thank you Inverness, and H+I, for having us. We had a blast.

As you can tell, we thoroughly enjoyed our brief getaway with H+I Adventures. If you fancy exploring some of the most iconic enduro riding destinations on the planet with the best guides around, check out EWS Travel and get inspired

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