The Enduro World Series Podcast goes video!

20 August 2021

It has only taken 24 episodes but The Enduro World Series Podcast is now available in video form! Join Ruaridh Cunningham and Ric McLaughlin as they discuss all things EWS and EWS-E – from rider news, event previews, analysis and a fair amount of nonsense from life on the road with the world’s best mountain bike race series. 

In the latest episode, the guys discuss The Road to The Tweed Valley – how is Ruaridh getting on in his new role as poacher turned game keeper, designing his first race course?! 


You can find out more about the Vittoria EWS and EWS-E Tweed Valley, here

For all you fans of the audio version of The Enduro World Series Podcast, fear not! We will still be releasing the audio version to all your favourite podcast sites each week. Want to see more exciting Enduro World Series videos? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and don’t forget to stay tuned to our Official Media Partner, Global Mountain Bike Network as we prepare for an exciting month of racing.