Levi Midnight Enduro Race Report

26 July 2021

Images by Laura Tamila

The Levi Midnight Enduro took riders far North to Finland, 130km above the Arctic Circle, for the latest EWS Gold Qualifier. 

First and longest stage of the race took riders down from top of Kätkätunturi towards Levi village. 1st and 2nd stages were done late in the Friday evening while sun was about to set just for few minutes below the horizon before rising again for a new day.

With one and a half days racing on the menu, riders took to the start at 19:30 on Friday evening when the riders started their journey towards the top on nearby Kätkätunturi. Friday's two special stages were followed by a full day of racing on Saturday all around the Levi ski resort.

The hiking trail down from Kätkätunturi is the longest enduro race stage in Finland, taking about nine minutes to complete for the fastest riders. 

Weather in Finland had been very warm for several weeks before the race, but come race week we were hit by autumn temperatures. Despite drastic change in temperatures, the trails stayed dry and dusty offering riders challenging loose dirt between all the rocks that dominate the local terrain.

Aki Färm flying low towards the finish line. Aki was the fastest rider of the race winning Master Men.

Racing was business as usual. Fastest rider on the hill was Aki Färm once again. And just as surely Suvi Vacker was the fastest woman of the race. Despite their long lasting dominance, the future looks interesting. In U21 young riders like Erik Väänänen and Joonas Purtola are closing the gap towards fastest men race by race.

The women’s podium celebrating. From left: Jasmin Kansikas, Suvi Vacker, Laura Bergman

Men U21 podium; 1. Erik Väänänen, 2. Joonas Purtola, 3. Matias Ahtosalo 

The men’s podium. From left: Santtu Nyman, Aki Färm, Henric Stigell

Levi Midnight Enduro is the racers favorite in Finland offering the wildest trails in the country and an unique experience with late night racing.

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