The Enduro World Series Podcast: Episode 21

22 July 2021

To use the parlance of our times, it's been a minute! Ruaridh and Ric have returned from nearly a month on the road with the opening four rounds of the Enduro World Series 2021 now in the history books. 

There's been a lot to talk about too... the Pro Women's championship has (as we predicted) really caught fire with no fewer than three different winners plus heartbreak for a certain Canadian. The Pro Stage cometh! What difference did a single stage of racing with championship points up for grabs the evening before the full course make? There was also the (already) epic saga of Richie Rude vs. Jack Moir, what was eating Sam Hill and GOOD FRIENDS OF THE PODCAST Charlie Murray and Zak Johansen's debut podiums! 


Also discussed: the Santa Cruz Megatower, church pews, collapsing roofs, Rain Man and cheese. 

For all our regular listeners, apologies for the lack of episodes during the last few weeks. The double rounds were hectic and with so much time spent visiting local pharmacies to get tested and travelling we never got a chance to sit down and record a podcast. Hopefully we can back into our regular weekly routine now. 

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