Caro Gehrig's Norco Range

15 July 2021

In 2021, as far as the Enduro World Series is concerned, bigger is most definitely better! We are seeing enduro race bikes pushing more and more travel and ever more agressive geometry as racers push faster and harder than ever for those final tenths of a second. Some brands are labling this new breed of race machinery ‘super enduro’ and some, like Norco, are just getting on with it leaving those left choking in the new Range’s gravely wake to decide on whatever category they choose to attach to it.  

The headlines are: 170mm of travel, 29in wheels, High Virtual Pivot suspension system, ‘pretty much’ DH bike front triangle.

Caro Gehrig is one of the EWS’ most experienced racers and for this season, is one of the lucky pilots at the controls of the new Range. GMBN Tech’s Andrew Dodd caught up with her at MET EWS Val Di Fassa to find out more about her stunning new race bike:

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