The Road to the Tweed Valley: Episode 1

15 June 2021

When it comes to mountain bikers, few can compete with the depth of experience amassed by Scotland’s Ruaridh Cunningham. In 2007 he became the first British male to win a gold medal at the UCI World Champs in Fort William and he went on from there to race all over the globe for some of the mountain biking’s biggest brands. Now though, he’s seeing things from a slightly different perspective… 

Ruaridh is the Sports Coordinator for the Enduro World Series. His brief is a broad one and it sees him tackle everything from liaising with the Rider Advisory Board, helping local organisers and being on course during practice sessions to make sure that both athletes and fans get to enjoy the best racing possible. But now he’s been set the ultimate challenge; to design the race course for the Vittoria EWS-E Tweed Valley race 30th Sept - 3rd Oct

The event is the season finale and one of the biggest on the calendar. The trails are in Ruaridh’s own backyard. To design a course big enough and bold enough to test the world’s best he’s going to need not only a wealth of ideas but also a bike capable of keeping up and allowing him to push himself and the course to their full potential. Enter the Santa Cruz Bullit

In Episode 1 of The Road to The Tweed Valley, Ruaridh talks about what he hopes to achieve, how he’s planning on doing it and then heads to his local bike shop to help to create his dream e-bike.

If you want to learn more about the Race Festival at the Vittoria Tires EWS-E Tweed Valley event (30th Sept - 3rd Oct then follow the link. If you are interested in volunteering at the event and getting closer to the action than anyone else click here.