The Lapierre Zipp Collective go cinematic

05 May 2021

Pre-season team camps can be complicated affairs. It’s the first logistical ‘systems check’ of the new season; the first bleary-eyed airport run, the first set of missing luggage and the first set of questions as to why the new bike feels faster but maybe not just as comfortable as the old one. For many racers, there will be new teammates to get used to alongside seeing if all the hours in the gym in the off-season have really amounted to anything amidst the wheel tracks of your peers. The excitement of the first day back at school intermingles with a not insignificant measure of professional stress.

As a result, pre-season team camps often go undocumented. It’s safer. Racing takes place under the twin spotlights of competition and media – there’s no point applying such pressures to the dress rehearsal. Except if you’re the Lappierre Zipp Collective that is!

The French squad, whose star riders include Isabeau Courdurier and Adrien Dailly, decided to travel, but not too far. They headed to the island of Corsica and brought with them The Apertures production crew to not only capture team camp but to make it looks incredibly epic! 

Watch the Lapierre Zipp Collective in Future is Now, here:   

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