Lapierre Overvolt Team launch into EWS-E

20 April 2021

The Lapierre Overvolt Team have today announced the riders that will form their team as they line up for the EWS-E this season. 

The Lapierre Overvolt Team will be shaking up the standings at the EWS-E this season. Pic: Boris Beyer

None other than legend of the sport Nico Vouillioz will head up the three man team and will be joined by up and coming French talent 18-year-old Antoine Rogge and 22-year-old Kevin Marry, who both move over from downhill racing. 

The GLP2 is the weapon of choice for this season’s races. Pic: Boris Beyer

The team will all be aboard the Lapierre GLP2 this season, and receive support from Sram, RockShox, Michelin, Bosch, Ride 100%, Tag Metal, HT Components, Racer 1927, Joe's No Flat, Slicy Products.

Both Rogge and Marry have made the switch from downhill to EWS-E

Speaking about the new team, Vouillioz said: ‘‘This new season is beginning with the birth of the Team Lapierre Overvolt and the arrival of two young and talented racers, Kevin Marry and Antoine Rogge. Both racers have a downhill background and will support me on the e-bike circuit. With what these racers have shown us since their arrival, I believe that we have a bright future and the resources necessary to already aim for some solid results in the upcoming events. I am confident in our ability to accomplish our objectives.

“Overall I am very satisfied with their state of mind, these are two young, highly motivated racers with a lot still to learn. I can’t wait to get racing to be able to share my experience and guide them throughout the year. This new team will also allow us to continue the development of the GLP2, but also to work on our own physical characteristics, as we know that the level is going to climb again in the second year of EWS-E.’’

Antoine Rogge said: “Since my arrival in the Team Lapierre Overvolt, what has really pleased me is the camaraderie and the quality of the support. But to cap it all we have Nicolas Vouilloz as team leader to help us out, it’s just incredible!

“I have found from the very start that the Lapierre GLP2 is very effective and easy to ride, so it’s even more motivating to take this bike to the limits of my ability. For the coming season I am training in the best possible way as I know that the level will be really high, and if I want to have some good results, I’m going to have to make some big efforts. I can’t wait to get stuck into the racing and find out where I am in relation to the other teams and racers.’’

And Kevin Marry added:  “I’m really enthusiastic with the idea of racing in Team Lapierre Overvolt colours for the coming season. Not just riding a Lapierre, but to do so with Nicolas Vouilloz, is a dream come true! I have a lot to learn from him, both on and off the bike. I also get to share this adventure with Rogger (Antoine Rogge) who I have known since he was a kid and who is seriously fast, it’s awesome!

“The E-Bike is a completely new challenge for me and I have the impression that I am discovering mountain biking from another angle. It also reminds me why I love riding bikes so much. My very first ride on the GLP2 was really surprising, the bike is really efficient and you feel confident on it very quickly. I can’t wait to find out what is in store for us for this season in EWS-E.’’