Meet the Juliana Free Agents

13 April 2021

Juliana is back! The iconic brand is back with a new line-up featuring Raphaela Richter and Tanja Naber to form the Juliana Free Agents

Raphaela Richter and Tanja Naber are the Juliana Free Agents. Pic: Lars Scharl

The German riders will this season take the step from privateers to a pro EWS team. Richter, a former U21 EWS Series Champion, will race a full season in the senior category for the first time; a decision that could well shake up the women’s racing this year given that she scored two podiums in 2019. Naber will not only take on most of the organisation of the team, but will also be getting between the tapes. 

Raphaela scored EWS podiums at Les Orres and Zermatt in 2019. Pic: Lars Scharl

In the last few years the pair have often raced together and the chemistry and atmosphere was simply great from the start. With both riders already working with Juliana Bicycles, they decided to form their own team rather than applying for existing ones. 

The pair have a strong friendship and are looking forward to a summer on the road together. Pic: Lars Scharl

Especially for the young and ambitious Rapha it became clear after 2020 that a positive environment is the be-all and end-all for performing well. For this reason they will be surrounded by good friends and Rapha’s brothers as mechanics and mental support during the upcoming season.

Tanja will be the organisational powerhouse behind the team but will also be getting between the tapes to race. Pic: Lars Scharl

The ethos of the team is summed up by their name; Free Agents. With Juliana Bicycles, Intend and SQlab as common sponsors, the two want to stay free concerning their own, existing and proven sponsorships. Tanja is supported by IXS, Trickstuff, Maxxis, Tunap and Raphaela can extend her sponsorships with Levelnine, Schwalbe and Dallmayr. The pair will tour with their own camper vans all season, reflecting their spirit and team name.

Richter and Naber’s steeds for the season ahead. Pic: Lars Scharl

Richter said: "I am extremely looking forward to the races that I hope will take place and I believe that my winter preparations have been good. I am confident that under Tanja's organization and good humor we will have a good season!"

And Naber added: “Riding and racing bikes, traveling and hanging around in the campervans is so much fun with Rapha, especially when you can support and push each other! Fingers crossed COVID will kind of disappear soon and let the race season begin. We are definitely ready and bloody motivated!”