Cecile Ravanel: New Beginnings

09 April 2021

Cecile Ravanel, the most successful rider in Enduro World Series history, has this week announced her retirement from racing to focus on coaching up and coming talent with the Commencal Enduro Team. 

Cecile has won more EWS races than any other rider in the history of the sport

With 23 race wins to her name, no one has come close to touching the record set by Ravanel, who will now devote her time to fostering young race talent and passing on her hard fought experience. 

Few people can claim to bring such a wealth of experience to the role; the three times EWS Champ was the first rider in history to claim a perfect season when she won every round in 2018 and holds the record for race wins to this day.

An x-ray showing the damage to Cecile’s spine after a training crash in 2019

The change of direction comes after Ravanel had a devastating crash in training in 2019, which saw her break two vertebrae, compress two intervertebral discs and suffer concussion. After a challenging recovery Cecile is back on the bike and looking forward to the next chapter in her career. This season Commencal are fielding a line-up filled with young promise that includes Antoine Vidal, Jack Piercy and Alizes Lassus and who better to guide them through it than Ravanel?

Cecile will now focus on passing her sizable skillset on to the next generation of racers

Speaking about her new role, Cecile said: “It's definitely motivating, to look forward to seeing how far they can go, how far we can accompany them. It's almost more stressful than when you're on the bike!"

You can find out more about the 2021 Commencal Enduro Team Roster here. 

Film & Edit: Gaetan Clary

Photos: Mathieu Ruffray / Nico Brizin / Sven Martin