EWS welcomes Ship to Cycle in new partnership

24 March 2021

The Enduro World Series (EWS) is delighted to announce a three year partnership with Ship To Cycle, a world class logistics company that is set to revolutionise travelling with your bike.

Italian-Swiss based Ship to Cycle will handle all of the EWS’ logistics needs, including the transport of staff bikes and e-bikes, as well as moving Official Teams bikes, pits and expo set-ups to all EWS and EWS-E rounds this year. 

Travelling with bikes has traditionally been a complicated affair

With the transport of bikes and equipment taken care of by Ship to Cycle, the EWS crew and Official Teams will be able to travel to races without the stress of transporting expensive equipment through airports and dealing with overweight baggage and custom charges. 

Ship to Cycle is part of Sports and Events Logistics (SEL), a company with a 20 year track record in handling and transporting sports equipment at the highest level of professional sport, with past clients including Moto GP, Superbike, MXGP, Lamborghini Supertrofeo and the World Touring Car Cup (WTCR).

Ship to Cycle is also available to the wider public, with cyclists from all disciplines now able to benefit from this doorstep to destination service; so whether you’re competing in an e-bike event abroad or simply planning a holiday with your bike, Ship to Cycle can arrange for your bike to be collected from your home and safely delivered to your destination before your arrival. 

Ship to Cycle’s service will revolutionise both e-bike racing racing and travel opportunities

Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series, said: “We are genuinely excited about the possibilities offered by this new partnership. 

“One of the major challenges for the expansion of international e-bike racing has been the movement of batteries, but with Ship to Cycle able to handle this, the possibilities for EWS-E race venues are now endless.  

“Travelling with bikes, whether for racing or holidays, has always been complicated; customs fees, overweight luggage charges and disassembling bikes to fit into rental cars will be pretty familiar to anyone who has tried to go abroad with a bike, so we’re delighted to work on a solution for our racers, teams and fans.”

Ship to Cycle collect your bike from your home then deliver it to your destination in time for your arrival

Pier Carlo Bottero, CEO of SEL and Ship To Cycle, said about the partnership: “We are thrilled about our partnership with EWS. Supporting organisers, teams and cyclists is our daily mission. Having the opportunity to do so for EWS and its vast community of riders and fans is a great honour. With our 360 degrees experience in moving sport equipment all around the world we are sure to bring added value to the EWS and to support the Championship’s growth to the next level.” 

“Ship To Cycle was born from the idea of creating a service available to professionals and cycling enthusiasts around the world, just as I am. We developed the project starting from my own travel needs and now have an efficient solution to simplify travelling with a bike, which is a dream which has come true.”

More information on Ship to Cycle’s services are available here and you can also hear a bit more about them on the latest edition of the EWS Podcast here.