Meet Sunn French Connexion Racing

26 February 2021

Few brands can hope to replicate the kind of seismic impact that Sunn have had on the sport of mountain bike racing. The French marque dominated the sport of downhill in the 1990’s and alongside team riders such as Anne-Caroline Chausson and Nico Vouilloz became synonymous with lifting the bar in terms of technology, dedication and professionalism. Theo Galy scored his debut podium for the brand at Specialized EWS Zermatt back in 2020 and returns to front the new-look Sunn French Connexion Racing outfit for 2021. 

Kevin Miquel departed the squad for pastures TBC but there have been two new signings in the form of one of the breakthrough riders of 2020, Louis Jeandel and his fellow Frenchman Guillaume Larbeyou. They will be represented by Lucas Frigout and Quentin Arnaud in the EWS-E. 

Galy is right up there amongst the established top-flight of Enduro World Series racers and with the addition of a rider who proved himself more than capable of doing some damage in 2020 and another French Cup podium contender the Sunn French Connexion Racing squad looks like being the real deal right from the start. Will they be able to live up to the mantle of their illustrious predecessors? Only time will tell but we’re excited to see them on the stages later in the year. 

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