Range-finding rubber

22 January 2021

There are of course a lot of factors that need to be considered when weighing up your first/next e-bike and range is definitely one of them. One of the great things about e-bikes is the sheer scope of trails that they open up as part of every ride and eeking every last metre out of said ride becomes paramount. But can the very rubber that you are rolling on play a part? Vittoria Tires belive that it can make a big difference.

Join Electric Mountain Bike Network’s Steve Jones as he finds out more about the Italian brand’s new e-bike range: 

Vittoria aren’t making the increased range claim lightly either. The brand have been working on the rolling performance of the newly bolstered Mazza and Martello models (two other less agressive models are available in the new e-bike enhanced range) which they claim can dramatically increase a bikes range without being of detriment to the tyres grip. The key they believe lies in the careful selection of a compound which can balance grip with rolling resistance. Interestingly too, the brand also notes that a so-called mullet set-up of a 29in front wheel and a 27.5in rear is best suited to the unique demands placed on a tyre by an e-bike. 

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