Shimano EP8 and EWS-E: ride the revolution

15 January 2021

Shimano are the official drive unit partner of the EWS-E and in their new EP8 they have launched what they believe to be a revolution in terms of e-bike technology. When it comes to developing their e-bike products, the Japanese components super-brand understand how critical it is to be at the forefront of racing, listening to racers and mechanics and talking with course designers.

With EP8 being launched shortly before racing got underway at Vittoria EWS-E Pietra Ligure, Shimano got their tyres into the dirt and rock of the Italian Riviera to explain why racing really does better the breed:

EP8’s headline numbers include 85Nm (21% up on STEPS DU-E800) and a 300g weight loss compared to the brand’s previous system. 

That’s a 21% increase over the STEPS E8000 motor platform. The new magnesium drive unit casing design delivers a 300g weight loss in a 10-percent smaller form factor. The EP8 drive unit shape more smoothly integrates with new e-bike frames for improved ground clearance and a more compact overall package.

Heat dissipating materials, increased surface area in the case, and a refined heat management algorithm improve heat resistance, allowing more torque to be applied even as the conditions become more challenging. Thanks to a new seal structure and gear design, drag is reduced by 36%, getting much closer to the normal pedaling feeling of a traditional bike. Riders will feel a smoother cut off as they reach the maximum assist speed and then benefit from lighter pedaling without assistance.

You can find out even more about Shimano EP8 here and you can find out just where it will be tested on the stages in 2021 right here.