Have EMBN created the ultimate enduro e-bike?!

02 December 2020

It’s fair to say that as we hurtle towards the end of 2020, the e-bike arms race is continuing apace. Bikes continue to get sleeker, lighter and with added range and grunt. In fact, it’s rare that a week passes without one of the big brands launching something which is heralded as ‘revolutionary’. 

Predictably, it’s those established names that are all jostling to define the terms of the conversation. In terms of the big, red ‘S’ from Morgan Hill, CA, Specialized, their off-road e-bike pitch revolves around two platforms; the Kenevo and the Levo. The former is the heavyweight, uplift shunning brawler and the latter is pitched as the more accessible all-rounder gateway drug into the world of lithium-ion trail slaying. 

But what if there was a third way? Being a man not content to sit on his hands awaiting Specialized’s engineers to breed the pair of established badges, EMBN’s Steve Jones got the Allen keys out and simply made his own!

Enter the ‘Kenduro’...

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