The all new RaceLabs Race Plate

04 September 2020

The RaceLabs Race Plate is a new and innovate number plate system which allows not only your bike but also trackside medics to react faster, when seconds count.

There are few bigger moments in your two-wheeled year than when it comes to attaching a number plate to your bike. With the RaceLabs Race Plate that moment just got a lot better! It’s a product which has been shaped by countless hours spent between the tapes of the Enduro World Series alongside feedback from professional racers, emergency medical staff and mountain rescue specialists from all over the world.

 The new plates made their debut on the top rider's bikes in Zermatt last weekend

Three years in development and testing, the original concept came from watching medical first responders dealing with racers trackside. When a difference in languages is factored in, a patient’s journey through the medical system can be a disorientating and often stressful one. Many racers take the precaution of carrying their medical details with them, but it is often tricky to present them to medical staff in an obvious, easy to locate position. The RaceLabs Race Plate features a medical card slot where racers can store all their essential medical information alongside emergency contact details which can then travel with them from stage-side to hospital admittance.

 One of the key features of the plate is the detachable medic card

Go to any bike race and the range of methods competitors use to mount their number boards to their handlebars is myriad. Some hack holes in the centre of the number plate to route cables whilst others simply lash on the cable ties. RaceLabs Race Plate eliminates the faff and the inevitable mountain of single-use plastics wasted at each race. Simply attach the clamp to your bars using the shims provided, mount your number board, click it in place and you are ready to race!

The plate is designed to fit neatly on any bike

From a racer’s point of view, the RaceLabs Race Plate does away with the squeaks, rattles and unwanted rub marks of a traditional number plate. The plate itself is minimally sized and sits behind your cables leaving them free to move with your steering inputs and suspension travel. Built for speed, the RaceLabs Race Plate weighs in at just 56g all-in thanks to extensive prototyping and testing by both Enduro World Series and Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup pros. The frontal area of the plate itself is substantially less than that of a traditional number plate.  If you have a crash, the plate is designed to detach from the bar mount cleanly. A lanyard keeps it attached to your bike making sure that that vital information is never far from hand. 

The plate is easy to assemble and designed to fit any bike 

Throughout the 2020 season, the Enduro World Series will be making the move to sticker-based number plates designed to fit the RaceLabs Race Plate compulsory but thanks to two inlaid bolts in the face of the plate, it can also accommodate any traditional plastic number plates as well. 

Whether you’re dropping in on the final stage of an Enduro World Series race in Finale Ligure or entering a local enduro race with your friends, the RaceLabs Race Plate offers a safer, cleaner, faster way to mount your number and let's you focus on preparing for those beeps. 

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Benefits of the RaceLabs Race Plate:

  • Clean, professional looks - no more butchered number plates.

  • Designed to dramatically reduce cable fouling - no rattles, no tugging.

  • Carries all your medical information to ensure that you get the care you need, when you need it, anywhere in the world. A clearly visible tab allows first responders instant access to your information.

  • Honed over three years of testing, weight is a scant 56g with the RaceLabs Race Plate offering a dramatically reduced frontal area compared with a traditional number plate. 

  • Two bolt ‘soft’ mounting system eliminates damage to your handlebars.

  • Breakaway mount means that your plate can detach from the bars cleanly in the event of a crash whilst a lanyard means that it remains tethered to your bike.

  • Accommodates both the new generation of sticker number plates as well as traditional plastic number plates.

  • Sustainably produced from 100% recycled plastics, in Scotland.

  • Fits all bikes XC, DH, Enduro and is the the only solution for single crown fork bikes

 Plates are available for pre-order for the EWS Store now

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