GMBN preview the 2020 season

21 August 2020

Take a deep breath... it's almost time to go racing again! Yes, Covid-19 has done it's best to derail all kinds of international sport but now, thankfully, we are on final approach to the opening round of the 2020 season at Specialized EWS Zermatt in Switzerland.

One of the biggest changes this year (global pandemics aside) is the fact that the Enduro World Series is now working alongside the Global Mountain Bike Network as our official media partner. Get ready for racing with GMBN's own Neil Donoghue as he dives into everything that you need to know about the 2020 season:

We would respectfully remind our fans however that, as with the rest of the EWS races this season, R1 will take place on a closed course with no spectators allowed on the course itself or at the start or finish areas. We will be operating under a set of restrictions which we hope will keep riders, team staff and officials as safe as possible. 

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