Wallner's scoop video award

10 August 2020

When it comes to Sweden's fastest families, few, if any can match the Wallner clan. Even if one of them has only just cracked two years of age... 

Ibis Enduro Team's veteran campaigner and resident king of smooth, Robin Wallner, his partner Elin Nilsson and their son Ted joined forces with Robin's brother Niklas Wallner to shoot Wallner's World as their entry to the Åre Bike Festival's video challenge. Due to the on-going issues around Covid-19, the competition took place online with all the riders and filmers being based in Sweden. That said, it was still fiercely contested with an abundance of talent both on the bike and behind the lens.

In his section, Robin rides the new Cobra trail in Åre Bike Park which was built by Gravity Logic with plenty of non-race Wallner style thrown in for good measure. He also sends a sizable drop which was built for the 2019 contest but never ridden. The film won both the People's Choice and Jury's Choice awards.

Will Robin Wallner be a contender for race wins in 2020? It certainly looks like he's riding fast enough to be! We'll find out at R1 of the season in Zermatt on 30 August.