Meet Liv Racing: Riley Miller

04 August 2020

In the latest edition of our series of articles in conjunction with our Official Women's Partner, Liv Cycling, we sat down for a chat with Riley Miller. At 15 years of age, the American racer is already being talked about as one of the rising stars of international enduro racing. With the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic still being felt, there hasn't been as many opportunities to see racers like Riley in action but that hasn't stopped the Burke native from getting out on her bike. 

Where are you in the world?

I'm in Vermont, USA.

How has Covid-19 affected life where you are?

The area I live in is very rural, so training on roads is an awesome way to stay in shape until the bike parks open up again! Online school work has given me the opportunity to learn so many things like bike maintenance, building trails and dirt jumps (in the back yard) etc. People in the town have been making the effort to go outside and go on bike rides whenever it is possible, and it makes me happy to see everyone just exercising more than they would without Covid-19!

Riley Miller with her Liv Hail Advanced. Pic: J Harper Photography/Liv Cycling

What does your new 'normal' look like?

Finding time in the day to complete school work, workouts, training on the bike, and just getting to do some fun things with my family is pretty hard, but has definitely become my new normal! Just getting outside and exercising for a little bit is so enjoyable, especially in the warm weather we have been getting lately!

Tell us about your bike - how long have you been riding it and what's your favorite part of it?

I LOVE my bike! It is perfect for uphills and downhills, generating smoothness and speed, and with lots of sparkles and style! I first got a Liv Hail a couples of years ago and as soon as I rode it I loved it. So much so that I haven’t gotten any other bike but the Hail ever since!

Riley preparing for the new season at home in Vermont. Pic: J Harper Photography/Liv Cycling


What is the best thing about being a part of Liv Racing?

The amount of support and encouragement this group of women has is awesome! Everyone just wants to have fun and ride bikes to the highest level they can and pushing each other to the limits!

What EWS rounds are you most looking forward to this season?

I was most excited for the first ever East Coast EWS to come to where I live, Burke VT!! Burke is by far my favorite place to ride, so this round will make it very easy to have lots of fun.

2020 has not given us the chance to see Riley in action but as part of Liv Racing, the future looks bright. Pic: J Harper Photography/Liv Cycling

What is one thing about you that people might not guess by looking at you?

Hedgehogs are my favorite animal! I also have a passion for free drawing, and sometimes house and van designs.

What does Liv Committed mean to you?

Being committed, supportive and making bikes specifically for women is really cool in a world where it is needed. I will do my very best to help Liv and women through this amazing campaign!

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