Video: Anita Gehrig in the Galaaxy Game

24 July 2020

Anita Gehrig (Norco Factory Enduro) is one of the most recognisable faces in the Enduro World Series, having raced it right from the start alongside twin sister Carolin

And whilst we’re a few weeks away from the first race of the season in the Gehrig’s native Switzerland, you don’t have to wait until then to see Anita ride. In her latest film, The Galaaxy Game, Anita is forced to leave the sibling rivalry behind as Caro is out injured, and instead selects up and coming Swiss slopestyler Lucas Huppert as her riding partner. The diverse trails around Laax are their playground as they navigate in difficult rocky terrain before heading further into the forest for a playful section called Green Valley. They then head on to the big bikes for big fun on the Never End Trail in Laax - watch the video below to see them in action!