Antoine Vidal has a new bike

09 July 2020

As the title stipulates, Antoine Vidal has a new bicycle. Now, as we start looking ahead towards the start of the season in Zermatt, the idea that a pro rider has a new bike is probably not an unusual one. However, the Meta AM is a special bike and Antoine is a special rider. The Meta chassis is the most successful in EWS history with a win tally underneath Cecile Ravanel, Cedric Ravanel and Antoine which blows everything else into the reeds.

Vidal too is 'not normal' - we mean that in the most flattering way! He's the dominating force in the U21 field and his times already stack up positively with those of Elite. He still has another year to run the junior series but after that, we may well be looking at one of the contenders for top honours for a long time to come.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The Meta AM is back, ready to race and now comes with the newly-released RockShox Zeb fork. Here then is Antoine Vidal, going very, very fast, on the new Commencal Meta AM:

Will Antoine capture another U21 crown in 2020? Racing gets underway in a few short weeks - find out everything that you need to know about the restructured Enduro World Series season here