Miller, Gauvin, Melamed and a bear

06 July 2020

We've all been there - the last minute kit tally when you're already on the motorway. Running through the essentials that you are 99.999% sure you just threw into a bag during that fifteen minute scramble to get on the road. Generally, it starts with 'bike' and works backwards. Mentally, you brace for the terror stemming from only having packed one shoe. 

It's reassuring to know that pro riders, despite their next level bike skills and the fact that they spend most of their lives in transit between bike races, are not immune to this panic. But the unplanned trips are always some of the best and with that in mind, Rocky Mountain Race Face's Jesse Melamed joined his teammate Remi Gauvin, Kona Factory Team's Miranda Miller and Lee Jackson on a road trip to Sun Peak's Bike Park.

Judging by the on board footage they captured, it looks like it was a good call! 

This is what Jesse had to say about the trip:

"Remi and Miranda were headed to Sun Peaks Bike Park for opening weekend and I made the last minute call to jump in their van and tag along, I was stoked I did! This was the first time I have ridden here and it did not disappoint. What makes it so good? There are smooth, fun beginner trails, and then there are fast, fun and rowdy expert trails. The builders did a good job creating flow trails that work at really high speed! It is also rare to find dirt like this in a bike park. It had raw and natural and it had perfect berms and jumps. What more could you ask for! Definitely going to make the trip out here again!"