Meet Liv Racing: Rae Morrison

14 July 2020


Rae Morrison is one of those riders who could be having the race weekend from hell but, somehow, there'd still be a huge grin plastered across her face. The Kiwi loves racing her bikes and is the longest serving member of Liv Racing. Liv Cycling are the official Women's Partner of the Enduro World Series for 2020.

In this new series of interviews we're going to meet the team, find out what it is about bike racing that draws them back and what their hopes are for the new-look season as we head towards R1 in Zermatt.

Rae Morrison finished eighth in the world last season. Pic: Sven Martin Photo/Liv Racing

EWS: Where are you in the world?

RM: I am in Nelson, New Zealand.

How has Covid-19 affected life where you are?

Things are almost back to normal now. New Zealand went into lockdown very early on. We had 4 weeks of self-isolation and were only allowed to leave the house for grocery shopping or to see a doctor.  We were lucky that we were also allowed to go outside to exercise once a day within the neighbourhood. Since lockdown, I’ve seen more people exercising outside than I ever have before, people spending more quality time with their loved ones, and a lot of creativity has shone through including house renovations, art and media innovations. Despite the heavy financial toll and health burden on families affected, I am hoping people can take positives away as life slowly returns to normal.  

Rae in action in NZ, at Crankworx Rotorua, earlier in the year. Pic: Sven Martin Photo/Liv Racing

What does your new 'normal' look like?

The new normal is similar to what it was like pre-Covid, with the exception of maintaining social distancing with strangers. Events are capped at 100 people, and hand sanitiser is everywhere. Everyone is much more vigilant about staying home when sick and washing hands.

Tell us about your bike - how long have you been riding it and what's your favourite part of it?

Liv Hail Advanced, I have been riding the Hail models for the last 4 years, but I have had my newest version for the last 4 months. My favourite part on this one is definitely the chameleon colour. Looking at the paint job in different lights and different angles is stunning and always changing.

Even the fastest bikes have to stand still every now and again! Rae's Liv Hail Advanced race rig. Pic Sven Martin Photo/Liv Racing

Read more about Rae's Liv Hail Advanced set-up here.

What is the best thing about being a part of Liv Racing?

I love the support we all have for each other. Being team mates with different riders from all over the world and competing in various disciplines I find it very inspiring and motivating. The communication and respect the team has for everyone in it is very uplifting and a huge positive influence for me. 

What EWS rounds are you most looking forward to this season?

All of them! I’m just so excited to be able to race this year.

Rae dialling in some style amidst the rocks and dust of Northstar, CA. Pic: Sven Martin Photo/Liv Racing

What is one thing about you that people might not guess by looking at you?

I was a physiotherapist before I went pro. 

What does Liv Committed mean to you?

I find it a very powerful message that we can all relate to. Everyone has something they are committed to and passionate about to make a difference with. For Liv it is to get more women on bikes, reduce the barriers and lift the playing field in cycling. For me, I am committed to racing my best and also helping other women participate. It can be mean something different for everyone, anything that you are striving for and devoted too.

Ready to race! Rae Morrison is looking forward to tackling the new-look 2020 Enduro World Series season. Pic: Henry Jaine/Liv Racing

Find out more about Liv Cycling and their commitment to women's racing and cycling here: