The tech innovations driving enduro

03 July 2020

Racing betters the breed - it's an oft-repeated mantra but in terms of bike technology it's no-less relevant today than it was when a small group of riders started roasting rear coaster brakes on the slopes of Mount Tam back in the 1970's. When it comes to pushing designs and materials up to and beyond their tolerance ratings, simply putting them underneath a pro enduro rider is often enough.

As race speeds have increased so to has the serverity of terrain being raced across on Enduro World Series stages. Top-flight pro's no longer have room in their mental approach to look after their machines. There is one run of practice and then it's 'go time'! Although perhaps stressful for mechanics and engineers, this lack of mechanical sympathy is great news for the wider bike buying public as with each passing year, the bikes that are available become stronger, lighter and better performing.

GMBN Tech decided to drill down into what tech trends have been most heavily influenced by enduro and the needs of the pro's:  

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