The dark art of riding blind

02 July 2020

To get on to an Enduro World Series podium you need to be in possession of a virtually complete set of MTB skills. Most of these can be targeted and worked on, others are harder to hone and require countless hours in the saddle. Chief amongst the latter is being able to ride 'blind'. 

Speak to those surrounding the three-time EWS champ, Sam Hill, and they will tell you that one of his biggest skills as a bike racer is his ability to quickly process stages. He walks them with his Chain Reaction Cycles Pro Race Team, identifies the lines he's probably going to take, then nails them in practice. Over the course of a full day's racing however it's impossible to have the intimate familiarity with every rock, root and rut that downhill racers will build up throughout a week. At the EWS, riders need to rely on their ability to ride the unknown, flat out.

Rich and Henry from GMBN headed to Andes Pacifico earlier in the year to find out how the pro's do it: 

There's plenty of South American enduro action to look forward to at the end of the year when we travel to Colombia and Chile for the final two rounds of 2020. Find out more about the 2020 Enduro World Series calendar here