Fastest bikes of the EWS Eps. 2

30 June 2020

The riders of the Enduro World Series have more to contend with than just about any other mountain bike racers. Being able to manage mind, body and bike through a two-day assault of trail riding savagery, monster mileage and (more often than not) bad weather takes toughness. Out of that holy trinity there is one thing that can perhaps be struck from the list slightly more easily than the others and that is the bike.

EWS race bikes can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse and they really need to. Mistakes come with tiredness and tiredness is something enduro specialises in dishing out. These machines need to be able to shrug off 50km-long days as efficiently as possibe all whilst maintaining the burliness required to munch through the most savage of rock gardens.

GMBN deep dive three more of the best in the business: 

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