Greg Callaghan breaks the cycle

29 June 2020

Being a professional mountain bike racer is, in some (admittedly few) ways, a lot like many other jobs in that there can be a monotony to daily life. An athletes life is carefully calculated to deliver their maximum potential when it counts, on race day. Everything in between is often accounted for with blocks of training or recovery. When coupled with a meticulously managed diet and sleep regimen, racing bikes for a living can often seem more vocational than occupational. 

Unior Devinci's Greg Callaghan, along with the rest of the Enduro World Series pro's, hasn't got to race his bicycle at the highest level this year, yet. The pro's literally live to race so the prolonged off-season has been tough for many of them. In his latest YouTube video, Greg decided to break the cycle for a day and get his hands dirty: 

Greg is a member of the EWS Rider Advisory Board - a panel of pro's who act as spokespeople for the racers at EWS events. If you are attending one of our events and have any concerns regarding the course or the weekend itself then they can steer you in the right direction. Find out who the EWS Rider Advisory Board are here.