Video: Head Injuries in MTB

22 June 2020

Every time we swing a leg over the bike, we know there's a risk of injury, but some, like concussion, can be harder to spot and may involve a lengthier recovery. In their latest video, GMBN take an in-depth look at head injuries and concussion alongside Ibis Enduro Team rider Bex Baraona, who details her experience of dealing with head injury as a professional athlete on the EWS circuit. 

The video details the tell tale signs of concussion and how to deal with them, as well as a cameo from Ric McLaughlin, who gives some background on work the EWS undertook to address the issue in enduro when they published the largest medical study ever undertaken in mountain biking last year. The results of the medical study, along with the Pocket Guide to Concussion, are available to download for free here.