Live To Ride: Bex Baraona

19 June 2020

With lockdowns all over the world beginning to loosen their grips many people who usually spend the summer riding bikes in far-flung climes are beginning to have some regrets. To begin with, no-one knew what lockdown life was going to mean and there's a definite feeling of missed opportunities had there been enough time to plan. Ibis Enduro Team's Bex Baraona has no such regrets. 

Bex was quick to identify that life on her own in lockdown would not be as much fun as spending it with her fellow Gowaan Gals contridbutors Martha Gill and Chloe Taylor so within a few hours she had packed her bike and kit and arrived on their doorstep. Lockdown in the UK was then spent indulging her second greatest passion, trail digging. 

Live To Ride caught up with Bex to ride the fruist of her labours:

“The hill is 400m but that’s from the very top, but we don’t go down to sea level, most trails are 120m vertical over 1km usually. The last two I’ve built were more training specific actually; 10 minute sprint up a fire road dropping into a crazy gnarly trail, sometimes I don’t plan the trail I just start digging, turn by turn feature by feature and see what the lands got.”

Bex Baraona, Ibis Enduro Team

Bex railing her newly-built creations. Pic: Kieran Kenney

Bex Baroana is definitely looking fast aboard her Ibis - can she be a force to be reckoned with come the series getting underway in Zermatt at the end of August? Find out more about the restructured 2020 Enduro World Series season here.