Live To Ride: Matt Stuttard

12 June 2020

Enduro is a confidence game. When all the hard work is paying off and the bike underneath them is working you can almost see the confidence etched across the pro's at the top of the time sheets faces as they recover from a stage. But is a fragile thing and can vaporise just as quickly. Many pro's would have faultered at a shift back to privateer status, but not Matt Stuttard. Instead, Matt just started going faster.

The British rider parted ways with a long-time sponsor and started from scratch building around him a new bubble of brands that would eventually enable him to come home 19th in the 2019 Enduro World Series overall. Amongst those new sponsors are  Hunt Wheels whose carbon fibre rolling stock Matt has been involved in the development of. Matt linked up with EWS Director Nico Turner as part of his new Live To Ride series to showcase his local riding in the north of England and to talk about racing.

Matt has had a tough time of it in the past with injuries but it's great to see him back to his best. His thoughts on the slightly condensed 2020 race season are very interesting and highlight the slightly different approach to scoring points that the pro's are going to be presented with once racing gets underway in Zermatt at the end of August.

Matt's 2020 race bike - the Privateer 161. Pic: Nico Turner/Live To Ride

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