Shimano launches pioneering new Deore 12-speed

08 May 2020

A few weeks ago we featured a piece drilling down deeper into Shimano's latest iteration of their range-topping XTR drivetrain. The sheer amount of details and work that went into its creation are nothing short of gargantuan but there was one line towards the end of that piece which mentioned that Shimano users were guaranteed to see the tech trickle down into the company’s other groupsets... 

Shimano's brand-new Deore M6100 groupset is now official. Pic: Shimano/Sterling Lorence

Yesterday’s launch of the all-new Shimano Deore range sees some of XTR’s headline tech now available across the brand’s entry-level groupset. This includes a 12-cog cassette, HYPERGLIDE+ seamless shifting, powerful 4-pot braking and more compatibility and spec options than you can shake a bottom bracket tool at! Basically, Deore is shaping up to be one of the most complete and cost-effective MTB groupsets ever, ready for rowdy local trails or enduro stages anywhere. 

Check out Shimano's all-new Deore M6100 range here:


HYPERGLIDE+ is something that Shimano are rightly extremely proud of. It’s not ‘simply’ a 12-speed groupset offering an increase in gearing range, it’s a new way of changing gear and one that should be of interest to anyone who spends time between the tapes. Put simply, you can shift any time, anywhere. There’s no need to ease off the pedals or pick a specific stretch of trail to make your shifts. Shimano went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned how the chain interacts with the chainring and cassette to produce seamless, silent shifting via their latest DCE+ technology. This was a marquee feature on XTR M9100 and now Deore users can take advantage of it too.

"This one goes to 12." Pic: Shimano/Sterling Lorence

The I-SPEC EV levers offer 14mm of slide range and 10 degrees of rotation to help you achieve the perfect fit. Pic: Shimano/Sterling Lorence

The RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifter offers plenty of adjustability in terms of mounting to make sure that you can get your perfect set-up right from your first ride. Shimano have also decided to offer the new Deore in both 10 and 11-speed variants too to help those existing users to upgrade their drivetrains. Their Micro Spline freehub design (which enables the running of the 12-speed block) is now widely licensed throughout the bike industry should an upgrade be on the cards. 

The new M6100 crankset Pic: Shimano/Sterling Lorence


The all-new Deore brake comes in either two or four-piston versions with the latter being aimed at more aggressive trail riding. Shimano’s patented SERVO WAVE technology provides a lever feel which is sensitive and precise to begin with before ramping up to offer real power the further into the stroke you go. Also included in the new design are the braces directly underneath the lever pivot which help to create a secondary point of contact which bolsters stiffness and improves feel.

The new Deore brake levers visibly share a lot of details with their high-end stablemates. Pic: Shimano/Sterling Lorence

The lastest generation of Deore brakes will be available in two and four piston options. Pic: Shimano/Sterling Lorence

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the new Deore M6100 is that all of the top-flight tech developed for the world’s fastest enduro racers is now available for sub-$600. The performance-to-cost ratio promises to be superb and, with the fact that Shimano's products are interchangeable across their ranges, the new Deore would look to be a great option as spares for those racing the higher end XTR and XT drivetrains. Entry-level trail slaying and enduro racing just got a lot better and a lot cheaper!