Alex Rudeau goes 'full tech'

01 May 2020

Over the years, French riders have, at one stage or another, dominated across all disciplines of mountain biking like no other nation. In downhill there was Anne-Caroline ChaussonNico Vouilloz and Fabien Barel, in XC there was Julien Absalon, Julie Bresset and Pauline-Ferrand Prevot and in enduro there's Jerome Clementz, Isabeau Courdurier and Cecile Ravanel (amongst many others). 

The latter name if of course one which has become synonymous with both victory (she's a two-time EWS Champ) and the Commencal Enduro Team. Cecile remains missing from the front line of racing due to a back injury she received during training at the start of 2019 but that's not stopped the Ravanel name from topping the charts. Her husband, Cedric, is the reigning Masters Champion and their young protege, Antoine Vidal, is the U21 Champion. Now though, there's another fast Frenhcman in the Commencal pit... Alex Rudeau.

As it turns out, he's got the technical skills side of riding an enduro bike pretty dialed...

Stereotypes are of course dangerous things but the French proclivity for outrageous technical skill levels look to be alive and well in young Rudeau. The Ardèche native will definitely be one to watch amidst the U21 ranks when the series heads to the steep rock and tech of Montagnes du Caroux in Olargues FRA in October