Smith Rider Radio RELOADED

27 April 2020

A lot of us are currently stuck in Coronavirus-induced lockdown as opposed to being outside, ripping our favourite trails with our riding buddies. Screen time and boredom levels are through the roof and it can be hard to stay motivated to get on with anything remotely creative. Fear not however! There is a cure for the lockdown blues and that cure is music!

Last year, we launched Smith Rider Radio which saw us ask Smith-supported athletes to provide us with their go-to playlists. The results were a fascinating musical smorgasboard complete with everything from funk to hip-hop to rock to deep house via everything in between.

We've decided to delve back into our digital record box and re-post our favourite Smith Rider Radio playlists over the next few weeks.

This week, to kick things off, it's Santa Cruz x SRAM's Iago GarayLISTEN HERE

Iago Garay during the filming of Santa Cruz Bicycles' Into Im Chile film, earlier in the year. Pic: Santa Cruz Bicycles/Adrian Marcoux

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