Dan Wolfe climbs Mount Everest (twice)

21 April 2020

Lockdown living is no fun but with the sofas of the world taking a veritable pounding some people simply aren’t content to veg out and burn through the boxsets. Dan Wolfe is an Enduro World Series regular, rides for Polygon UR and has one of Ireland’s highest energy ratings, scraping in narrowly behind the coal-fired power station at Moneypoint.

In Ireland, lockdown confines people to within 2km from their home unless journeying out for essentials. Dan decided that he wanted to help raise money for the Irish Cancer Society and so set about devising ways that he could raise money, ride his bike responsibly and stay close to home. He decided on the daunting undertaking of climbing the equivalent height of Mount Everest via laps of a local hill near to his home. 

“I decided to challenge myself to climb the equivalent vertical height of Everest solo in 5 days on the largest hill within that 2km radius,” Dan told us. 

“Windgates hill has a vertical elevation of 93 meters. When I completed day one I decided that if I was to make this a special and memorable project I needed to exceed the vertical height of Everest. Everest stands at 8,848 meters so I decided to make the goal 15,000 meters! I settled on 15km vertical in 5 days and got to it. That’s an average of 3,000 vertical meters a day.”

When asked what possessed him to nearly double the height of Everest, Dan said, "I felt like this started out as a challenge for charity and if I’m being honest it also then manifested into a personal challenge as well! I’ve done some road training camps with Martin Maes and I thought to myself that I needed to surpass every number or stat we have done in the past or else it wasn’t unique. The mental challenge of repeating the same climb over and over was key. I feel like I’m a stronger rider for it now."

"I crested Everest just over an hour into day three and that’s when I thought I need to round this up dramatically. I was already fatigued so I thought why not push it further and see where that takes you?! I wanted people to donate so I needed to show I was putting in the effort so that they would.”

The stats behind Dan’s ride are seriously impressive:

- 15,094 vertical meters climbed

- 657.5km cycled

- 26 hours and 53 minutes moving time

- 157 times up and down Windgates hill

- 131.5km average distance per day

- 3,018.8 vertical meters daily average

- 5 hours and 22 minutes daily moving time

It’s a remarkable achievement and shows just what is possible when people really commit themselves to taking on a challenge and making a difference, even against the backdrop of such unusual times.

You can donate to the Irish Cancer Society via Dan’s page, here. All proceeds go towards fighting cancer and helping to support those affected by it.