Lapeyrie secures support from Tribe

23 March 2020

Earlier this year Thomas Lapeyrie announced he didn’t have a team for 2020 and launched the aptly named Rider.404 project - but luckily for him that’s all changed. 

Thomas Lapeyrie aboard his new Yeti

The French rider has had a difficult couple of years, first battling with health issues and then finding himself without a team for the season ahead. Thomas launched his own crowd-funding campaign called Rider.404 to help him meet the cost of travelling to the races as a privateer - but fortunately for him TribeSportGroup stepped into the breach. 

Speaking about his new sponsor Thomas said: “At the beginning of the year I was lucky to have a quick call with Fred Glo. A few days later I met him in the TribeSportGroup factory. The factory has always helped talented riders, since the start of the Enduro World Series. Fred hears about the Rider.404 crowdfunding project and he directly wanted to help me. 

“That’s why I decided to truly trust the company and jump onboard with the crew and the support they will offer me. And today I realize that I’m super lucky to TribeSportGroup on my side. 

“I’ve been riding the Yeti SB 150 for a few weeks now and the mix is perfect between power and efficiency.”

TribeSportGroup will support Thomas throughout 2020

Fred Glo of TribeSportGroup added: "Life , as we know, has its ups and downs. What better symbol to have this champion of resilience with us today. Thomas recently went through major health concerns, which many of us would have given up on, but he faced up admirably.

“I was moved and impressed by the guy, so when he found himself in trouble, and even if all our budgets were frozen, we found solutions. Not out of opportunism, but out of duty and with the feeling that it was up to us to do it. 

“He will inspire us at Tribe and should serve as an example for the entire mountain biking community in these uncertain times. We all need it, we will all need it and Thomas has shown us the way. The coincidence of life means that it is now side by side that the TRIBE and T-Lap routes will continue, ready to give everything when the lights are green again and if they are orange, it's the same because we will never let go of anything either!”