Hattie Harnden is ready for 2020

18 February 2020

The U21 category of the Enduro World Series is one which seems to be becoming more competitive with every passing year. The new, ultra-fast breed of enduro racers are stacked deep and making the successful jump from U21 to Elite is no easy feat. That said, if you’re going to back a winner then it pays to back someone who has already done a lot of winning in their career.

Hattie Harnden, the 18 year-old from West Malvern in England, has already amassed a multi-disciplinary palmares which would be the envy of most professional cyclists. Coached by three-time Enduro World Series champ Tracy Moseley, Harnden has already collected her debut elite cyclocross national title in 2020.

We caught up with her shortly after her move to Trek Factory Racing Enduro was announced:

EWS: Tell us about how the decision to race the 2020 EWS full-time came about?

HH: After racing my first two EWS races and trophy of Nations last year I was super keen to race some more enduro this year. The idea of stepping up onto a bigger team from T-Mo racing, to do this, hadn’t even crossed my mind as something that I was anywhere near good enough to do. Fortunately I’m very lucky to have Tracy Moseley watching over me (and running T-Mo racing), with all the right contacts to help me move forward when she thinks I’m ready.

Hattie Harnden will be racing for the Trek Factory Racing squad in 2020. Pic: Trek Factory Racing Enduro/Ross Bell

What EWS races did you do last season and how did they go?

My very first EWS was Les Orres, France in July last year which just happened to be the first one to fit in around my cross country racing. I’ll never forget the atmosphere and friendly vibe which surrounded the racing and event. Unfortunately in this race I broke my wheel half way down the second stage of the race, so that made for a steady day on day one and a three minute penalty for changing my wheel at the end of the day. Over the rest of the weekend I managed to pull back lots of time, to win every stage in the U21 women’s race, but still be 30 seconds back after my penalty was added. Popping me in third place, which was far better than I was expecting for my first EWS.

Zermatt, Switzerland was my second EWS of the season. I managed to avoid any issues this time, taking my first EWS win. I’m looking forward to going back and racing this one this year.

Your pre-season looks to be busier than most! Tell us how this one has gone... 

So after Trophy of Nations finished at the end of September I went straight into racing cyclocross for the winter, racing most weekends until the middle of February. I’ve had a great season, better than I was expecting, despite there being so many changes going on for me this year. I just moved up into U23, which means racing in elite at World Cups. My highlight by far though was winning British Cyclocross National Championships in Elite and U23 and I can’t wait to wear my stripes all of next season! The only downside is I’ve missed riding my mountain bike the last five months. 

Harnden has already scored a brace of EWS podiums. Pic Trek Factory Racing Enduro/Ross Bell

You've worked quite a bit with Tracy Moseley previously - will that be the same this year and how much help do you think that she can potentially be?

Yeah, I’m so lucky to have had help from Tracy these last six years and I've raced for her team for the last four of those. I certainly hope so. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be the same, as I’m still racing cross country for T-Mo Racing this season in between the enduro racing. Tracy is an endless source of knowledge, so as much or as little help as she can give me, I’ll be very grateful. Especially as I’m still very much an amateur in the world of enduro and will gladly appreciate all the help I can get.

Hattie won gold at the U21 Trophy of Nations as part of Team GB.  

What events are you most looking forward to in 2020 and why?

I can’t wait to race my first EWS of the season in Val Di Fassa, Italy in July. I’m not racing the first three of the EWS as they clash with the cross country racing I’m doing at the start of the season. However most of all I’m just really excited to be lucky enough to be racing in so many new places, as every EWS venue will be new for me, except Zermatt.