Noga Korem injured in training

07 February 2020

GT Factory Racing's Noga Korem has been involved in what looks to have been a serious crash whilst training in La Palma. The Isreali star who finished the 2019 EWS season second in the overall points race behind Isabeau Courdurier posted a picture of herself on a hospital bed wearing a neck brace on social media earlier today.

Noga Korem's Instagram post regarding her injury.

Details of the extent of her injuries are still unknown but she took the opportunity to thank the training partners she was with who had helped her at the scene along with her team and family.

We will update this story when we have more information on Noga’s condition.


Noga has confirmed that it was her first day on a new bike and hit a head-height pipe which bisected the trail. She hasn't broken any bones but suffered a concussion, broken teeth and has had twenty stitches in her face. 


“What was supposed to be a fun week of training in La Palma turned into a very unfortunate and bad crash for Noga," GT Factory Racing's team manager Mark Maurissen told us.
"She hit a metal pipe that’s crossing the trail in a very critical spot. You would expect a sign or some obstacles to slow people down?! We’ve been following up with her and she luckily doesn’t show any signs of a serious concussion. A hit in the face and damaged teeth is never pleasant but we are so happy she’s doing ‘OK' considering the impact. Knowing Noga, we expect her to return ready and strong for the first couple of races! Thanks need to go to Nati Schneitter for looking after her too!”