North America Enduro Series kicks off in Nevada

06 February 2020

The first round of the 2020 North American Enduro Series kicks off next weekend in Bootleg, Nevada with the Mob n Mojave Enduro presented by GT Bicycles. 

It’s the first race in the new style series, which has expanded to seven rounds and will operate on a ‘best of’ system , with riders’ four best results counting towards their overall series ranking. 

We caught up with Bootleg organiser Mike Scheur ahead of next weekend’s race to see what’s he’s got lined up for competitors.

Riders can expect rocky and challenging terrain in Nevada at the first round of the North American Enduro Series 

For people who've never ridden in Nevada, what's the terrain like?

“The terrain at Bootleg Canyon is unique, fun and very challenging. Trails here were built by Trail Master, Brent Thomson in the late 90s and early 2000s. Brent was a local mountain biker and artist. As soon as one rides these trails, they feel the flow of the trail and see the art/landscape of the region all at the same time. Brent was way ahead of his time and the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) still quotes and uses practices created by the man himself.”

What can people expect from the riding this weekend? 

“The first thing people new to Bootleg Canyon may see is the huge crowd, camaraderie, and people taking advantage of the free onsite camping all in a somewhat remote location. From families in recreational vehicles, full-on pro teams and countless privateers playing, camping and competing with each other for an entire three day weekend, all 30 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, aka Sin City. This venue and small-town atmosphere will provide many reasons for visitors to never leave the venue or town of Boulder City, Nevada.                                                                                                

“All EWS racers can expect to do four stages while the amateurs and non-EWS racers will race three. The fourth stage will be more challenging than the first three and may be similar to a downhill run, but have some pedaling midway down the mountain. The biggest challenge to new riders may be choosing the right tyre, air pressure and tyre inserts as Bootleg Canyon terrain can be very hard on tyres. Also keeping an eye on the trails rather than the gorgeous views surrounding them!”

Riders can expect spectacular views in Nevada

Which riders do you expect to do well?

"Cody Kelley and Brian Lopes have confirmed they are racing. Often when Cody races, Mitch Roppelatto races too, but no confirmation from Mitch just yet. Joseph Foresta will be making his Enduro debut at this event. Joseph was a stand-out Junior racer that just spent his first year on the World Cup in 2019. 

 “And even though he rides downhill, Aaron Gwin has confirmed that he is racing. The very best way to see who is on the roster is our webpage that gets updated as riders sign up."

 Mike added: “We hope the riders enjoy themselves so much that we see them again for the finals of our DVO Winter Gravity Series, Reaper Madness on March 13-15, 2020 and at our next EWS event.”

Cody Kelley is one of the big names that will be on the start list at round one in Nevada

More information about round one of the North American Enduro Series can be found in the Race Book here.